We've decided to make app building our lives

and we plan on building until we've changed our community (or the world)

Our Team

Our studio is wherever we happen to be when inspiration hits us. Our team consists of 3 core members and a host of friends, laborers, and advisors. We've adopted some of the best development practices to get us from concept to validation to production as quickly as possible. Do we like the Lean Startup? Yes. Development in Ruby on Rails you ask? Of course. These are some of the devices that allow keep our team productive at the office, or Starbucks, while driving, or from our living rooms (ok, not so much while driving - but maybe while parked). Keep an eye on our team. We're going places. Learn More

What We Build

Building apps takes plenty of inspiration, so we try to draw from what we experience in our everyday lives. These problems, interactions, and solutions we encounter everyday are what fuel our passion to create, to build. We focus on areas from small business and government, to learning and social media applications. Have an idea that can make people's lives easier? Share it with us. Maybe we can build something together! Learn More

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